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12th Chemistry chapter 16: cover all important question with new latest pattern. you can download Chemistry chapter 16 notes & full solution as PDF format in English. below we are goin to cover chapter 16 Chemistry class 12 Bihar board
Bihar board Chemistry chapter 16 class 12: specially we focused on Bihar board latest pattern of Chemistry, and on this post covered class 12th Chemistry chapter 16 based on Bihar board. check out below to get full solutions of Chemistry chapter 16 class 12 bihar board.

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12th Chemistry chapter 16 all objective solutions – download PDF

1. Which of the following medicine reduces fever?
    • (A) Analgesic
    • (B) antibiotic
    • (C) Antipyretic
    • (D) palliative
 Ans: (C) Antipyretic
 2. Which antibiotic is used in typhoid?
    • (A) Penicillin
    • (B) Chloramphenicol
    • (C) Terramycin
    • (D) Sulfadiazine
Answer: (B) Chloramphenicol
 3. Dettol is used
    • (A) as antiseptic
    • (B) as antipyretic
    • (C) as an analgesic
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (A) As antiseptic
4. Amoxylin is a semisynthetic refinement of
    • (A). Penicillin
    • (B) Streptomycin
    • (C) Tetracycline
    • (D) chloromanicol
 Answer: (A). Penicillin
5. How is the compound used?
    • (A) An antifouling compound
    • (B) Painkillers
    • (C) sleepy
    • (D) Resistor
Ans: (B) Painkillers
6. Which of the following is used as a painkiller without any habit or refinement?
    • (A) Marfin
    • (B) N-acetyl – para – aminophyllon
    • (C) Diazepam
    • (D) Tetrahydroketanal
 Answer: (B) N-acetyl – para – aminophyllon
 7. Which of the following is not an ionic detergent?
    • (A) sodium lauryl sulfate
    • (B) alkyl benzene sulfonate
    • (C) Cylitetramethyl ammonium chloride
    • (D) Lauryl Alcohol Ethrolate
 Answer: (D) Lauryl Alcohol Ethrolate
8. What is SASD?
    • (A) sweet
    • (B) Synthetic thread
    • (C) Psychedelic drug
    • (D) Antibiotic
Ans: (C) Psychedelic drug
 9. Which of the following is antipyretic
    • (A) Analgin
    • (B) Phenacetin
    • (C) Paracetamol
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (D) none of these
10. Antibiotic is a life saving drug, it is produced from
    • (A) Micro-organisms
    • (B) microscopic bacteria
    • (C) by germ worms
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) Micro-organisms
11. Who among the following is Madhurak?
    • (A) narrow and sporty
    • (B) Sucrose
    • (C) Fructose
    • (D) all
 Answer: (A) narrow and sporty

Bihar Board most mcq solution 12th chemistry chapter 16 

 12. Which of the following is used as easter medicine?
    • (A) Ethyl Acetate
    • (B) Methyl acetate
    • (C) Methyl Salicylate
    • (D) ethyl benzoate
 Answer: (C) Methyl Salicylate
13. The drug which is a pain reliever is called
    • (A) Painful
    • (B) Resistor
    • (C) Antibiotics
    • (D) anti-fever
 Answer: (A) Painful
 14. Which of the following can be used as a painkiller without any addiction and refinement?
    •  (A) Marfin
    • (B) N-acetyl – para – aminophenol
    • (C) Diazepam
    • (D) Tetra Hydroketanol
Answer: (B) N-acetyl-para-aminophenol
15. aspirin is a
    • (A) Antibiotic
    • (B) Antipyretic
    • (C) Incomplete
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (B) Antipyretic
16. Amoxylin is a semi-synthetic refinement of
    • (A) Penicillin
    • (B) Streptomycin
    • (C) Tetracycline
    • (D) Chloramphenicol
 Answer: (A) Penicillin
17. 2 – Acetaxic benzoyl acid is
    • (A) Antiseptic
    • (B) Aspin
    • (C) Antibiotic
    • (D) Mardent thickener
Answer: (B) Aspin
18. Is a broad spectrum antibiotic.
    • (A) Paracetamol
    • (B) Penicillin
    • (C) aspirin
    • (D) Chloramphenicol
 Answer: (D) Chloramphenicol
 19. 2 – Acetoxy benzoic acid is used in what form?
    • (A) Anti-malarial
    • (B) Anti-sadness
    • (C) Incomplete
    • (D) Antipyretic
 Answer: (D) Antipyretic
20. Which of the following is a broad spectrum antibiotic?
    • (A) Penicillin
    • (B) Paracetamol
    • (C) Aspirin
    • (D) Chloramphenol
Answer: (D) Chloramphenol
21. Which of the following is not a pacifier?
    • (A) Barbituric acid
    • (B) Seconal
    • (C) Luminal
    • (D) phenysteine
Answer: (D) phenysteine
22. Who among the following is a pacific?
    • (A) Seconal
    • (B) Streptomycin
    • (C) Morphine
    • (D) Phenacetin
 Answer: (A) Seconal
23. Novalgene is
    • (A) Analgesic
    • (B) Antibiotic
    • (C) Antipyretic
    • (D) Antimalleal
Answer: (A) Analgesic

BSEB 12th chemistry chapter 16 important mcq solution

24. Which of the following is not an artificial sweetener?
    • (A) Dulane
    • (B) Elitem
    • (C) Sodium benzoate
    • (D) Aspartame
Answer: (C) Sodium benzoate
25. In the treatment of which tranquilizer is used?
    • (A) Cancer
    • (B) Blood infections
    • (C) AIDS
    • (D) mental illness
 Ans: (D) Mental illness
26. In what form is barvituric acid used?
    • (A) Antipyretic
    • (B) antiseptic
    • (C) Antibiotic
    • (D) Pacific
 Ans: (D) Pacific
 27. Acetylation of two –OH group of morphine by acetic anhydride is obtained
    • (A) Codeine
    • (B) Heroin
    • (C) Cocaine
    • (D) quinine
 Answer: (B) Heroin
28. Which of the following preservatives is often used?
    • (A) Sodium cyclomate
    • (B) sodium benzoate
    • (C) sodium acetate
    • (D) Valium
Answer: (B) Sodium Benzoate
29. Which of the following is an artificial sweetening agent?
    • (A) Saccharin
    • (B) Aspartame
    • (C) Sodium cyclomate
    • (D) all of them
 Answer: (D) All of them
30. Chloramine- is
    • (A) Antimalarial
    • (B) Analgesic
    • (C) subjunctive
    • (D) aseptic
Answer: (D) Aseptic
31. Phenol is
    • (A) Disinfectant
    • (B) antiseptic
    • (C) Disinfectant Katacid
    • (D) Katacid
 Answer: (C) Disinfectant catside
32. Chloromycetin is used in which disease?
    • (A) Malaria
    • (B) Typhoid
    • (C) cholera
    • (D) Tuberculosis
Answer: (B) Typhoid
33. Medicines for pain relief are called
    • (A) Antibiotic
    • (B) Analgesic
    • (C) Palliative
    • (D) Antipyretic
 Answer: (B) Analgesic
34. Chloromycetin is
    • (A) Analgesic
    • (B) antibiotic
    • (C) antiseptic
    • (D) palliative
Answer: (B) Antibiotics
35. Which of the following is used as an analgesic in extreme pain?
    • (A) Aspin
    • (B) Phenacetin
    • (C) Paracetamol
    • (D) Morphine
 Answer: (D) Morphine

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