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12th Biology chapter 12: cover all important question with new latest pattern. you can download Biology chapter 12 notes & full solution as PDF format in English. below we are goin to cover chapter 12 Biology class 12 Bihar board
Bihar board Biology chapter 12 class 12: specially we focused on Bihar board latest pattern of Biology, and on this post covered class 12th Biology chapter 12 based on Bihar board. check out below to get full solutions of Biology chapter 12 class 12 Bihar board.

12th Biology chapter 12 Bihar board with NCERT-Details & Highlights

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12th Biology chapter 12 all objective solutions – download PDF

1. ‘Cry-gene’ protects which crop from balkami?
    • (A) Cotton
    • (B) fire
    • (C) Tea
    • (D) Wheat
Answer: (A) Cotton
2. From which artificial seed is made?
    • (A) somatic embryo
    • (B) Bahubhun
    • (C) Both ‘ A ‘ and ‘ B ‘
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) Somatic embryo
3. What was the first clinical gene therapy used for?
    • (A) adenosine deaminase deficiency
    • (B) Chicken pox
    • (C) Diabetes Mellitus
    • (D) Rheumatoid Arthritis
Answer: (A) Deficiency of adenosine deaminase
4. Hybridization is recognized by
    • (A) PCR
    • (B) Autoradiography
    • (C) ELISA
    • (D) Electrophoresis
Answer: (B) Autorediography
5. Bt is a toxin
    • (A) intracellular lipids
    • (B) intracellular crystalline protein
    • (C) Extracellular crystalline protein
    • (D) Lipids
Answer: (D) Lipids
6. Who discovered the super bug?
    • (A) Hargobind Khurana
    • (B) Dilip Shah
    • (C) By Anand Mohan Chakraborty
    • (D) Robert
 Answer: (D) Robert
7. The first biochemistry to be produced commercially by microbial clone and genetic engineering was?
    • (A) Human insulin
    • (B) penicillin
    • (C) Interferon
    • (D) called fertility
Answer: (B) Penicillin
 8. ELISA is used to detect which diseases?
    • (A) Hepatitis
    • ( B ) AIDS
    • (C) thyroid disorder
    • (D) all of them
Answer: (D) All of them
9. For which of the following diseases ELISA should be done?
    • (A) I am Leria
    • (B) Typhoid
    • (C) HIV (AIDS)
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (C) HIV (AIDS)
10. Human protein is used for the treatment of which disease?
    • (A) CUTE
    • (B) smallpox
    • (C) Arthritis
    • (D) Infisima
 Answer: (C) Arthritis

BSEB 12th biology chapter 12 most objective solution

11. Commonly used in the transfer of foreign DNA in crop plants
    • (A) Trichoma ha annum
    • (B) Myloidogyne incognita
    • (C) Agrobacterium tumifaciens
    • (D) Penicillium expansion
 Ans: (C) Agrobacterium tumifaciens
12. In Transgenic Animals
    • (A) Foreign RNA is present in all their cells
    • (B) Foreign DNA is present in all their cells
    • (C) Foreign DNA is present in some of their cells
    • (D) Both ‘ B ‘ and ‘ C ‘
 Answer: (B) Foreign DNA is present in all their cells
13. Permanent treatment of hereditary defect adenosine deaminase ADA deficiency
    • (A) by enzyme replacement therapy
    • (B) Proper penetration of lymphocytes by genetic engineering, including active ADA and CDNA
    • (C) Activation of adenosine diaminos
    • (D) Bone – marrow cells enter the early embryonic stage
Answer: (D) Bone – marrow cells enter the early embryonic stage
14. What is the time in Toxin’s friend?
    • (A) Antitoxin is present inside its bacillus
    • (B) Inactive prototoxin gets activated in the intestine of the insect
    • (C) Bt protein remains active in the toxin Bacillus
    • (D) The active toxin enters the ovary of the pest and hinders reproduction
Answer: (A) Antitoxin is present inside its bacillus
15. Transgenic plants are those which
    • (A) Grow in artificial medium after external hybridization
    • (B) produced from somatic embryos in artificial medium
    • (C) enter the foreign DNA into the cell and make a new plant from that cell
    • (D) Generate artificial medium after coupling of protoplasm
 Answer: (C) Entering the foreign DNA into the cell and making a new plant from that cell
16. Alzheimer’s disease is related to the deficiency of which of the following in humans?
    • (A) Dopamine
    • (B) Glutamic acid
    • (C) Acetyl Choline
    • (D) Gram amino butyric acid
 Answer: (C) Acetyl Choline
17. Who discovered antibiotics?
    • (A) Fleming
    • (B) Pasteur
    • (C) Waxman
    • (D) Lister
 Answer: (A) Fleming
18. B7 is the toxin (Vip)
    • (A) Intracellular lipids
    • (B) Intracellular crystalline proteins
    • (C) Extracellular crystalline proteins
    • (D) Lipids
 Answer: (B) Intracellular crystalline protein
19. A transgenic fruit contains genes for
    • (A) for the synthesis of new proteins
    • (B) resistance to antibiotics
    • (C) in the manufacture of enzymes for antibiotics
    • (D) all of the above
 Answer: (D) All of the above
20. Monoclonal antibodies are obtained
    • (A) from a parent to an antigen
    • (B) from different parents for the same antigen
    • (C) from one ancestral to many progenitors
    • (D) from multiple parents for multiple antigens
Answer: (B) for the same antigen from different parents

12th biology chapter 12 mcq solution bihar board 

21. Somatic Hybridization What can be done
    • (A) by fusion of protoplasts
    • (B) By half-multiplied pollen
    • (C) By cell culture
    • (D) By pollen culture
Answer: (A) By fusion of protoplasts
22. Which crop has been made pest resistant by using BE gene?
    • (A) Cotton
    • (B) Tomato
    • (C) Maize
    • (D) all of them
 Answer: (A) Cotton
23. Antigen hirudin is found in
    • (A) in the snake
    • (B) lizard
    • (C) in the leech
    •  (D) Scorpion
 Answer: (C) In leech
24. The herbicide resistance gene in plants is
    • (A) EC
    • (B) Mt
    • (C) BI
    • (D) Gst
 Answer: (D) GST
25. Used as natural genetic engineer
    • (A) Agrobacterium tumifaciens
    • (B) Bacillus thuringiensis
    • (C) Aspergillus
    • (D) Drosophila
 Answer: (A) Agrobacterium tumifaciens
26. Biologically modified organisms can be
    • (A) germ resistance
    • (B) drought resistant
    •  (C) both
    •  (D) none of these
 Answer: (C) Both
27. The most widely used biological weapon is
    • (A) Bacillus subtilus
    • (B) Biometallurgical techniques
    • (C) Bacillus Angresis
    • (D) Bioinsecticidal plants
Answer: (A) Bacillus subtilus
28. Vessels theorizep (IBt) differentiation is used for the rarefied task
    • (A) Bio-fertilizers
    • (B) Biometallic techniques
    • (C) Biominiralization process
    • (D) Bioinsecticidal plants
Ans: (A) Bio-fertilizer
29. The major technology used in agricultural biotechnology is
    • (A) tissue culture
    • (B) Conversion
    • (C) Plant Reproduction
    • (D) DNA replication
Answer: (A) Tissue culture
30. Drug manufactured by biotechnology which is used in cancer diagnosis
    • (A) Interferon
    • ( B ) HGH
    • ( C ) TSH
    • (D) Insulin
Answer: (A) Interferon

Important most mcq solution 12th biology chapter 12

31. The antibiotic flavicin is obtained from?
    • (A) Asparagillus pumigatus
    • (B) Aspergillus palevus
    • (C) Streptomyces precession
    • (D) Streptomyces freddy
 Answer: (B) Aspergillus palevus
32. What is the gene taxi called during gene cloning?
    • (A) Vaccine
    • (B) Plasmid
    • (C) Bacteria
    • (D) Protozoan
 Answer: (B) Plasmid
33. Which bacterium has been used for the first time as a biopesticide on a commercial scale in the world?
    • (A) Vesillus thuringiensis
    • (B) E. coli
    • (C) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • (D) Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Answer: (A) Vasculus thuringiensis
34. Which crop is used to prevent blindness in poor countries?
    • (A) Golden Rice
    • (B) Wheat
    • (C) Gram
    • (D) peas
 Answer: (A) Golden Rice
35. Genetically engineered bacteria are used in the commercial production of
    • (A) Thyroxine
    • (B) Testosterone
    • (C) Human insulin
    • (D) Melatonium
Answer: (C) Human insulin
36. Which of the following micro-organism is used in the production of citric acid in industries?
    • (A) Lactobacillus balgericus
    • (B) Penicillium citrinus
    • (C) Aspergillus niger
    • (D) Rhizopus nigricans
 Answer: (C) Aspergillus niger
 37. Vacillus thuringiensis (Bt) strains being used
    • (A) Bio-metallurgical technology
    • (B) For bio-mineral processing
    • (C) Bio-pesticide for plants
    • (D) for bio-fertilizers
 Answer: (C) Bio-pesticide for plants
38. The genetically engineered microorganism species used successfully in the biotreatment of oil spill is
    • (A) Pseudomonas
    • (B) Trichoderma
    • (C) Xanthomonas
    • (D) Bacillus
Answer: (A) Pseudomonas
39. From which transgenic species is human insulin produced commercially?
    • (A) Rhizobium
    • (B) Saccharomyces
    • (C) Asterechia
    • (D) Mycobacterium
Answer: (C) Asterchia
40. TI plasmid used in genetic engineering is obtained from
    • (A) Bacillus thuringiensis
    • (B) Escherichia coli
    • (C) From Agrobacterium rhizobium
    • (D) Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Answer: (D) Agrobacterium tumifaciens

most important mcq solution 12th biology chapter 12

41. The sheep called “Dali” was a clone, it had a tooth cell for
    • (A) abdominal
    • (B) skin
    • (C) tongue
    • (D) ear bulge
Answer: (C) Tongue
42. Natural genetic engineer is
    • (A) Bacillus subtilus
    • (B) Pseudomonas species
    • (C) Escherichia coli
    • (D) Agrobacterium tumefaciens
 Answer: (A) Bacillus subtilus
43. Tram gene expression can be achieved by which of the following?
    • (A) Inhibiting the exposure of a native gene
    • (B) By blocking a generated biosynthesis pathway
    • (C) by producing a protein that generates its own genotype of interest
    • (D) all of the above
 Answer: (D) All of the above
 44. The first was the transgenic crop
    • (A) yarn
    • (B) linseed
    • (C) Peas
    • (D) Tobacco
 Answer: (D) Tobacco
 45. Addition of foreign genes to the crop is called
    • (A) Genetic Engineering
    • (B) Bio-craft arts science
    • (C) Histological culture
    • (D) Immunization
 Answer: (A) Genetic Engineering
46. ​​Transgenic bacteria are used to make
    • (A) Epinephrine
    • (B) Human insulin
    • (C) Thyroxine
    • (D) Cartisol
 Answer: (B) Human insulin
47. Genetically modified brinjal has been developed in India
    • (A) For insect resistance
    • (B) To increase shelf life
    • (C) to increase the amount of minerals
    • (D) drought-resistance
 Answer: (A) Insect – For resistance
48. Some characteristics of Bt cotton are
    • (A) Resistance to long fibers and aphids
    • (B) Medium yield, long fibers and resistance to Beatles
    • (C) High production and formation of toxic protein particles that kill dipteran pests
    • (D) high output and resistivity to ball square
Answer: (D) High output and resistivity to ball square
49. The process of RNA interference is being used for the development of resistant plants for which of the following?
    • (A) Fungus
    • (B) Virus
    • (C) insect
    • (D) Nematodes
Answer: (D) Nematodes
 50. Renin used in cheese industry is
    • (A) Antibiotics
    • (B) Enzyme
    • (C) Alkaloids
    • (D) Inhibitor
 Answer: (B) Enzyme
51. A compound produced by an organism. and inhibits the growth of other organisms is called
    • (A) Antibody
    • (B) Antigen
    • (C) Alkaloids
    • (D) Inhibitor
Answer: (B) Antigen
52. How to overcome adenosine deaminase deficiency?
    • (A) by gene therapy
    • (B) By making antibiotics
    • (C) Human – by growth hormone
    • (D) producing interferon
 Answer: (A) Gene therapy
 53. Bio-robbery is related to which of the following?
    • (A) Conventional knowledge
    • (B) Biomolecules and Bioresources, Extraction of genes from biological resources
    • (C) Bioresources
    • (D) all of the above
Answer: (D) All of the above

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