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12th Biology chapter 10: cover all important question with new latest pattern. you can download Biology chapter 10 notes & full solution as PDF format in English. below we are goin to cover chapter 10 Biology class 12 Bihar board
Bihar board Biology chapter 10 class 12: specially we focused on Bihar board latest pattern of Biology, and on this post covered class 12th Biology chapter 10 based on Bihar board. check out below to get full solutions of Biology chapter 10 class 12 Bihar board.

12th Biology chapter 10 Bihar board with NCERT-Details & Highlights

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12th Biology chapter 10 all objective solutions – download PDF

 1. Vayogas consists of
    • (A) COM
    • ( B ) H , S
    • ( C ) ONLY
    • (D) all of them
Answer: (C) CH
2. Which of the following is Chlorella?
    • (A) Bacteria
    • (B) Algae
    • (C) Protozoa
    • (D) Single cell protein
Answer: (B) Algae
3. By whom do cyanobacteria help the farmers?
    • (A) reducing the alkalinity of the soil
    • (B) reducing the acidity of the soil
    • (C) neutralizing the basicity of the soil
    • (D) by water logging
Answer: (B) By reducing the acidity of the soil
4. Which of the following is a single cell protein?
    • (A) Spirulina
    • (B) Chlorella
    • (C) Synadesmus
    • (D) all of the above
Answer: (D) All of the above
5. Which micro-organism is used in the wine industry
    • (A) Yeast
    • (B) Lacto Bacillus
    • (C) amoeba
    • (D) PMV
Answer: (A) Yeast
6. Which bacteria is used to make curd from milk?
    • (A) Clostridium
    • (B) Lactobacillus
    • (C) Mycococcus
    • (D) Streptococcus
 Answer: (B) Lactobacillus
7. Helps in making the soil fertile
    • (A) Pesticides
    • (B) organic manure
    • (C) yeast
    • (D) all of them
 Answer: (B) Organic manure
8. In the root body of which non-legume plants organic manure is present?
    • (A) did
    • (B) Claustudium
    • (C) Azoto bacteria
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (D) none of these
9. Idli and Dosa flour is prepared using which microorganism?
    • (A) Bacteria
    • (B) Lactoveacillus
    • (C) Virus
    • (D) yeast
 Answer: (D) Yeast
10. Which of the following is a toxin protein secreted by Vasillus thuringiensis?
    • (A) tubulin
    • (B) Insulin
    • (C) Cry protein
    • (D) all of these
Answer: (C) Cry protein

Bihar Board most mcq solution 12th biology chapter 10

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11. What is ‘Probiotics’?
    • (A) a new type of food allergen
    • (B) Safe antibiotics
    • (C) Living Microorganisms Food Supplement Microorganisms
    • (D) cancer inducers
Answer: (C) Living Microorganisms Food Supplement Microorganisms
12. A Plamid
    • (A) can become like himself
    • (B) lipase is related to
    • (C) is related to chromosome
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) He can become like himself
13. Presence of Mycorrhiza
    • (A) Increases the absorption capacity of plant roots
    • (B) makes plants disease resistant
    • (C) Both ‘ A ‘ and ‘ B ‘
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’
14. Terramycin is obtained
    • (A) By streptomyces
    • (B) Streptomyces by Benzwele
    • (C) Streptomyces by Oriopusian
    • (D) Streptomyces by Remosus
  Ans: (D) Streptomyces by Remosus
15. By which process various alcoholic drinks are made?
    • (A) filtering
    • (B) filtration
    • (C) by fermentation
    • (D) by flotation
Answer: (C) Fermentation
16. Which microorganism is used in vinegar industry?
    • (A) of Clostridium
    • (B) of acetobacter
    • (C) of Trichoderma
    • (D) Streptococcus
Answer: (B) of acetobacter
17. What gives the special kind of aroma in paneer?
    • (A) yeast
    • (B) fungus
    • (C) bacteria
    • (D) virus
 Answer: (C) Bacteria
18. is antibiotic
    • (A) Drugs
    • (B) Toxin
    • (C) Plants
    • (D) syrup
Answer: (A) Medicines
19. The symbiotic relationship formed between the roots and fungi of plants of higher family is called
    • (A) Biodiversity
    • (B) Lichen
    • (C) nodules
    • (D) Mycorrhiza
Answer: (D) Mycorrhiza
20. The enzyme used as clotting agent is
    • (A) lipase
    • (B) amylase
    • (C) Streptokinase
    • (D) proteases
Answer: (C) Streptokinase
21. Penicillin is obtained from?
    • (A) Aspergillus pumigatus
    • (B) Penicillium notarum
    • (C) Penicillium graciflobum
    • (D) Streptomyces gracious
Answer: (B) Penicillium Notarum

BSEB 12th biology chapter 10 most objective solution

22. Sugar is used continuously in ‘fund-batch’ fermentation
    • (A) to obtain antibiotics
    • (B) to purify enzymes
    • (C) for dissolution of sewage
    • (D) to produce methane
 Answer: (B) To purify enzymes
23. The organism used as biofertilizer for the growth of soybean crop is
    • (A) Azospirillum
    • (B) Rhizobium
    • (C) Nostock
    • (D) Azotobacter
Answer: (B) Rhizobium
24. Bt cotton is ufattet
    • (A) insect
    • (B) weed
    • (C) salt
    • (D) dry
Answer: (A) Insect
25. Which one of the following relations is wrong?
    • (A) Streptomycin – Antibiotics
    • (B) Coliform – Vinegar
    • (C) Methane gas – Gobar gas
    • (D) Yeast – Ethanol
 Ans: (B) Coliform – Vinegar
26. Bt feug
    • (A) intracellular lipids
    • (B) intracellular crystalline protein
    • (C) Extracellular crystalline proteins
    • (D) Lipids
Answer: (C) Extracellular crystalline proteins
27. The first microbial insecticide is
    • (A) Bacillus polymyxa
    • (B) Bacillus questionitis
    • (C) Bacillus thuringiensis
    • (D) Bacillus Brevis
Answer: (C) Bacillus thuringiensis
28. Penicillin reduces bacterial multiplication because it
    • (A) inhibits RNA synthesis
    • (B) inhibits DNA synthesis
    • (C) destroys chromatin
    • (D) reduces cell wall formation
Answer: (A) Inhibits RNA synthesis
29. The yeast used in baking is
    • (A) Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    • (B) Saccharomycin octospores
    • (C) Saccharomyces Cucoris
    • (D) Rhizosaccharomyces
 Answer: (A) Saccharomyces cerevisiae
30. Penicillin antibiotic is produced by
    • (A) bacteria
    • (B) fungus
    • (C) algae
    • (D) virus
 Answer: (B) Fungus
31. Streptococcus is used in the preparation of
    • (A) Wine
    • (B) Idli
    • (C) Cheese
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (C) Paneer
32. Nifta ORTIGT
    • (A) Penicillium
    • (B) Rhizobium
    • (C) Aspergillus
    • (D) Streptococcus
 Answer: (B) Rhizobium

12th biology chapter 10 mcq solution bihar board 

33. Alcoholic fermentation takes place
    • (A) By Chlorella
    • (B) By yeast
    • (C) By Agoricus
    • (D) by Azotobacter
Answer: (B) By yeast
34. Which of the following is a symbiotic nitrogen fixation?
    • (A) Azotobacter
    • (B) Azolla
    • (C) Glooms
    • (D) process
Answer: (D) Process
35. Viruses used in biological control are called
    • (A) Baculovirus
    • (B) Oncovirus
    • (C) Retrovirus
    • (D) Paramyxovirus
Answer: (A) Baculovirus
36. Azolla has a symbiotic relationship with
    • (A) Chlorella
    • (B) Anabina
    • (C) Nostoke
    • (D) Tolyponics
Answer: (B) Anabina
37. The term antibiotic was used for the first time.
    • (A) Fleming
    • (B) Pasteur
    • (C) Waxman
    • (D) Lister
Answer: (C) Waxman
38. Free living anaerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria are
    • (A) Rhizobium
    • (B) Streptococcus
    • (C) Azotobacter
    • (D) Clostridium
Answer: (D) Clostridium
39. Which activities are used in the primary treatment of sewage sludge?
    • (A) Flotation
    • (B) Filtration
    • (C) Filtration
    • (D) all of them
Answer: (D) All of them
40. What is mainly needed in the secondary treatment of sewage sludge?
    • (A) yeast
    • (B) Virus
    • (C) Bacteria
    • (D) Fungi
 Answer: (C) Bacteria
41. An independent living aerobic non-photosynthetic nitrogen fixing bacterium is
    • (A) Anabina
    • (B) Clostrisim
    • (C) Azotobacter
    • (D) Rhizobium
Answer: (C) Azotobacter
42. The fermentation microorganism for the rating of jute is
    • (A) Methanophilic bacteria
    • (B) butyric acid bacteria
    • (C) Helicobacter pylon
    • (D) Streptococcus lectin
 Answer: (B) Butyric acid bacteria
43. Citric acid is produced by
    • (A) Rhizopus
    • (B) Newkar
    • (C) Aspergillus
    • (D) Saccharomyces
Answer: (A) Rhizopus

Important most mcq solution 12th biology chapter 10

44. Nitrogenase enzyme is found in Nostoc
    • (A) in old cells
    • (B) in heterocyst
    • (C) in both ‘ A ‘ and ‘ B ‘
    • (D) only in hormones
Answer: (B) Heterocyst
45. is probiotic
    • (A) Microbes that cause cancer
    • (B) New type of food allergens
    • (C) Living Microbial Food Nutrients
    • (D) Safe antibiotics
 Answer: (C) Living Microorganism Food Nutrients
46. ​​By which process lactic acid is formed?
    • (A) Fermentation
    • (B) Glycolysis
    • ( C ) HMP
    •  (D) none of these
 Answer: (A) Fermentation
47. The best example of organic fertilizer which improves the absorption of phosphorus is
    • (A) Actinomycetes fungus
    • (B) Rhizobium
    • (C) Azospirillum
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (C) Azospirillum
48. Nitrogen fixation in the nodules of the roots of Allus is done by
    • (A) Prancia
    • (B) Azorhizobium
    • (C) Bradyrhizobium
    • (D) Clostridium
  Answer: (A) Prankia
49. Which of the following antibiotics is active against fungi?
    • (A) Streptomycin
    • (B) Polynes
    • (C) Tetracycline
    • (D) Neomycin
 Answer: (B) Paulins
50. Which of the following is widely used as a crop biocatalyst in Indian paddy fields?
    • (A) Rhizobium
    • (B) Acacia areica
    • (C) Acalfa indica
    • (D) Azolla pinnata
Answer: (D) Azolla Pinnetta
51. Which of the following is not used as a biopesticide?
    • (A) Trichoderma harzianum
    • (B) Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV)
    • (C) Xanthemonas compestris
    • (D) Vesillus thuringiensis
 Answer: (D) Vesicular thrombosis
52. The bioactive molecule cyclosporine A is made from
    • (A) fungus
    • (B) yeast
    • (C) bacteria
    • (D) virus
Answer: (A) Fungi
53. A statin helpful in reducing the level of cholesterol in human blood is prepared
    • (A) bacteria
    • (B) algae
    • (C) virus
    • (D) yeast
 Answer: (D) Yeast
54. Which of the following is the first artificially made organic material?
    • (A) Insulin
    • (B) yeast
    • (C) Thyroxine
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) Insulin
55. Antibiotics are prepared, mainly
    • (A) Fungi
    • (B) Tanning
    • (C) algae
    • (D) bacteria
Answer: (D) Bacteria
56. The symbiotic relationship formed between fungi and the roots of plants of higher family is called
    • (A) Glands
    • (B) mycorrise
    • (C) Lichen
    • (D) Biodiversity
Answer: (B) Mycorrhiza
57. Curd and Paneer (Yort and Ghee) products are
    • (A) fermentation
    • (B) Pasteurization
    • (C) of dehydration
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (A) Fermentation
 58. The special aroma produced by the action of bacteria on tea leaves is called
    •  (A) Tanning
    • (B) Vooring
    • (C) Fermentation
    • (D) Ripening
 Answer: (B) Vooring
59. Acid rain occurs
    • (A) by combustion of fossil fuels
    • (B) C.F.C. From
    • (C) ozone
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) Combustion of fossil fuels

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