How Linear Equations Can Be Helpful In Your Real Life Too?


Do you know how you can use linear equations in your everyday life? It could be quite helpful in the context of figuring out income over time, calculating accurate mileage rates, predicting profit, and so on. Doing calculations does not mean that you need to draw a line graph. It could be done in the head without drawing a line graph.

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  • Let’s Understand About The Variable Costs –

Let’s start with this if you are taking a cab service during your vacation. You are already aware a taxi service charges for example $9 to pick your group from your hotel and another $0.15 per mile for each trip. Probably, you are not aware of how many miles it would be included in each destination.

Then you can help with a linear equation that can be used to figure out the cost of any taxi service for your trip. You may use “x” to represent the number of miles included in a destination. And you may use “Y” to represent the taxi service charges. Now, the linear equation would be like this y=0.15x+9. Students get confused about what it means by algebraic identities. To put it in simple words, the algebraic equations go for all values of variables.

  • To Compare The Rates –

Yes, it could be quite useful in the context of comparing rates. For example, one company calls you and offers you a payout of $450 per week. On the other hand, there is another one offering you $10 per hour. But they both ask you to give your 40 hours per week. Now you need to figure out which one is introducing the better rate of pay so that you could make an ideal decision regarding your career.

You can solve it by following a linear equation indeed. The first company introduces you to an offer of 450 =40x. Talking about the second company, we can go with this equation y = 10(40). When you compare both offers, you will get that first is the company would be worthy to choose since it introduces you to a better rate of pay which is $11.25 per hour.

Do you know the general form of linear equations in one variable? It is Ax+B=0. Here, it needs to mention that A is regarded as the coefficient of X which means X is variable and B will be regarded as the constant term.  To get the accurate solution, it needs to segregate the coefficient as well as the constant term.

  • To Understand About The Budget –

To budget-related confusions, this equation can help too. For example, a party planner does not have enough budget for its upcoming event. Now, she might be wondering how to figure out what cost it requires to rent a place and what would be the charges of pay per person plate. Now, we can simplify it like this. For example, the cost of the rental space s $780, and the per plate charge would be $9.74. A linear equation can be used to show the entire cost. It could be expressed as “y”. It means Y=9.75x+780. Following this equation, the party planner can easily substitute any number of party guests. And it would be easy to give the actual cost of the event including food and rental costs. This is how we can come up with accurate results and schedule things accordingly.

  • To Make Prediction –

Yes, linear equations could be quite helpful in the context of prediction. If a person starts his restaurant and spends $200 and they start making $150 per month. It means it would be Y-150x-200 following the linear equations. You will be having cumulative profit from month to month. It means he could have netted $700 since (150×6)-200 = $700. The real-world factors specifically impact how accurate predictions are. This equation is a tool helping to make a prediction.

Conclusion –

We hope that the above -mentioned have helped you enough to understand in a better way than how linear equations could be helpful in our real life too.


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