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English chapter 4 poetry section class 12 | Bihar board English book

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bihar board 100 marks english class 12 

English chapter 4 poetry section class 12 Bihar board complete questions answers with free notes & pdf download for Bihar board English

 Rainbow English part 2 class: 12

Chapter :- 4 Poetry section

Ode to Autumn – Author –  John Keats

Bihar board 12th 100 marks English chapter 4

Bihar board 12th English 100 marks chapter 4 all objective

1. Ode to…… an ode

(A) season          (C) rain

Rain                     (D) autumn

2. …….. was a great lover of Nature.

(A) John Keats.         (B) John Keats

(C) Rupert Brooke   (D) John Donne

3. Keats is a ……. poet.

(A) Romantic.             (B) War

(C) Metaphysical       (D) Melancholic

4. To Autumn is written by…….

(A) John Keats      (B) Walter de la Mare

(C) John Donne      (D) Keki N Daruwala

5. John keats belonged to ……

(A) Britain        (C) Iceland

(B) Ireland        (D) Germany

6. A thing of beauty is a joy forever written by………

(A) DH Lawrence   (B) John Keats

(C) TS Eliot             (D) None of these

7. John Donne died of tuberculosis at the age of………

(A) 26.                       (C) 60

(B)30                         (D) 90

8. Which is the close bosom-friend of the maturing sun?

(A) Autumn           (B) Spring

(C) Summer           (D) Winter

 100 marks english objective questions poetry section

9……… was a Poet of Nature.

(A) DH Lawrence.     (B) TS Eliot

(C) John Keats            (D) None of these

10, And gathering swallows twitter in the kies is taken from.

(A) Snake                     (B) The soldier

(C) Ode to Autumn    (D) An Epitaph

11. Martin Luther king, Jr. was influenced by which Indian leader ?

(A) Gandhiji      (B) Tilak

(C) Nehru           (D) Gokhale

12. The slum area densely populated by an isolated community is marked by—

(A) safe place   (B) fallen

(C) ghetto         (D) oasis

13. King is regarded as one of the greatest—

(A) artists             (B) scientists

(C) separatists    (D) orators


bihar board English book class 12

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