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12th Biology chapter 7: cover all important question with new latest pattern. you can download Biology chapter 7 notes & full solution as PDF format in English. below we are goin to cover
chapter 7 Biology class 12 Bihar board
Bihar board Biology chapter 7 class 12: specially we focused on Bihar board latest pattern of Biology, and on this post covered class 12th Biology chapter 7 based on Bihar board. check out below to get full solutions of Biology chapter 7 class 12 Bihar board.

12th Biology chapter 7 Bihar board with NCERT-Details & Highlights

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12th Biology chapter 7 all objective solutions – download PDF

1 Whose genetic material is
    • (A) T – M.V.
    • (B) Bacteriophage
    • (C) DNA in both.
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (B) Bacteriophage
2. What does the ratio 1 : 2 : 1 represent in a cross?
    • (A) Effectiveness
    • (B) incomplete effectiveness
    • (C) Engagement
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) Effectiveness
 3. Have Echidna
    • (A) connecting link
    • (B) residual organ
    • (C) missing link
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (A) connecting link
4. Promoter of natural choice
    • (A) Lamarck
    • (B) Darwin
    • (C) Fisher
    • (D) Morgan
 Answer: (B) Darwin
5. Genetic exception changes the gene intensity of which of the following?
    • (A) first generation
    • (B) next generation
    • (C) recessive gene
    • (D) dominant gene
Answer: (B) Next generation
6. ‘convergent evolution’ appears
    • (A) by homologous organs
    • (B) by analogous organs
    • (C) by residual organs
    • (D) all of the above
Answer: (B) By analogous organs
7. Which of the following does not show evidence of bio-evolution?
    • (A) Archeopteryx
    • (B) Cow
    • (C) Peripetes
    • (D) Neopilina
Answer: (B) Cow
 8. Those organs which are different in origin but similar in terms of function are called
    • (A) Equilateral limbs
    • (B) Homologous
    • (C) residual
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) Equilateral limbs
9. The right lung of the snake is a part.
    • (A) absorbent
    • (B) Equivalence
    • (C) brain
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (A) Absorbent
10. Birds and insects have wings
    • (A) Homogeneous organs
    • (B) Asymmetric organs
    • (C) Absorbent organs
    • (D) Absorbent creatures
Ans: (B) Asymmetric organs

Bihar Board most mcq solution 12th biology chapter 7

11. The absorbing organ of man is
    • (A) muscles of external ear
    • (B) nictitating membrane
    • (C) endometrium
    • (D) all of them
Answer: (D) All of them
12. The oldest ancestor of the horse is
    • (A) Eohippus
    • (B) Mezohippus
    • (C) Ikkus
    • (D) Pleiahippus
 Answer: (A) Eohippus
13. Found only in Africa
    • (A) Giriff
    • (B) Equivalence
    • (C) Gorilla
    • (D) all of them
 Answer: (D) All of these
14. Which of the following is a lung-fish, which is found in West Africa?
    • (A) Lepidosis
    • (B) Equivalence
    • (C) Protopterus
    • (D) all of them
  Answer: (C) Protopterus
15. The evolutionary history of an organism is called
    • (A) ontogeny
    • (B) Phylogeny
    • (C) Ancestry
    • (D) Paleontology
 Answer: (B) Phylogeny
16. Important evidence of organic development is found in the following
    • (A) homologous and residual organs
    • (B) homologous organ
    • (C) homologous and homologous organs
    • (D) homologous and residual organs
 Answer: (D) Homologous and recessive organs
17. Which of the following is a connecting link?
    • (A) Echidna
    • (B) Peripetus
    • (C) Protopterus
    • (D) all of the above
 Answer: (D) All of the above
18. Respiratory organs found in humans are
    • (A) ear muscles
    • (B) abdominal muscles
    • (C) muscles of the skull
    • (D) all of the above
 Answer: (B) Abdominal muscles
 19. Which one of the following elements was not present in the atomic state in the primordial atmosphere of the Earth?
    • (A) Carbon
    • (B) Oxygen
    • (C) Hydrogen
    • (D) Nitrogen
Answer: (B) Oxygen
20. Hardywein’s law of squares explains
    • (A) Chromosomal aberrations
    • (B) genetic decomposition
    • (C) of genetic equilibrium
    • (D) all of the above
 Ans: (C) of genetic equilibrium
 21. High energy molecule is
    • ( A ) TMV
    • (B) ATP
    • (C) DNA
    • (D) RNA
 Answer: (B) ATP

BSEB 12th biology chaptyer 7 objective solution

22. An important evidence found in support of organic evolution is found in
    • (A) Congenital and remnant organs
    • (B) equanimity and residual limbs
    • (C) Only organs in society
    • (D) Homologous and similar organs
Ans: (A) Congenital and remnant organs
23. Which one of the following is not a living fossil?
    • (A) Nrip Kekada (Raj Karkat)
    • (B) Sphenodon
    • (C) Archeopteryx
    • (D) Peripetus
Ans: (C) Archeopteryx
24. By whom were coservats experimentally bred?
    • (A) Oparin
    • (B) Fisher
    • (C) Jacob and Monod
    • (D) Urey and Miller
 Answer: (A) Oparin
25. Which of the following theory considers evolution to be the cause of change in gene frequency?
    • (A) Neo-Lamarckism
    • (B) Neo-Darwinism
    • (C) Synthesis theory
    • (D) Darwinism
 Answer: (B) Neo-Darwinism
26. The idea of ​​survival of the fittest is presented by
    • (A) Lamarck
    • (B) Darwin
    • (C) Weisman
    • (D) Herbert
Answer: (B) Darwin
27. What is the vermiform appendix in us?
    • (A) Essential organs
    • (B) residual organ
    • (C) Asymmetric organs
    • (D) none of these
Ans: (B) Residual organ
 28. Was present in the former atmosphere
    • (A) Methane
    • (B) Hydrogen in water
    • (C) Ammonia
    • (D) all of the above
Answer: (D) All of the above
29. The book related to the origin of life on earth was written by
    • (A) By Operin
    • (B) By Helden
    • (C) By Darwin
    • (D) all of the above
 Answer: (A) By Operin
30. Archeopteryx is a connecting link between which of these two different types of animals?
    • (A) water and land
    • (B) Land and Mountains
    • (C) land and air
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (C) Land and Air
31. Darwin’s book ‘Origin of New Species with Natural Selection’ was published in
    • (A) in 1809
    • (B) in 1859
    • (C) in 1857
    • (D) in 1869
Answer: (B) in 1859
 32. According to one of the most accepted theory, if the atmosphere contained the following gas other than H , 0 , H 2 , NH
    • ( A ) CH
    • ( B ) O ,
    • ( C ) N ,
    • (D) none of these
Answer: (A) CH
33. Abioticism is
    • (A) Origin of life from non-living organisms
    • (B) Origin of life from living things
    • (C) Origin from virus and micro-organisms
    • (D) spontaneous generation
 Answer: (A) Origin of life from non-living organisms
34. The percentage ratio of cop, CH 2, CFC and NO in global warming is
    • (A) 60%, 20%, 14%, and 6%
    • (B) 60%, 20%, 14% and 60%
    • (C) 20%, 14%, 60% and 6%
    • (D) 20%, 14%, 6% and 60%
 Answer: (A) 60%, 20%, 14%, and 6%

Important most mcq solution 12th biology chapter 7

35. The phenomenon of Industrial Millennism shows
    • (A) Genetic Separation
    • (B) Genetic segregation
    • (C) Natural Selection
    • (D) Geographical distribution
Answer: (C) Natural Selection
36. For the proof of the origin of life, Miller and Urey . did experiments, they used gases
NH3, H, and
    • (A) N2 and 1,0
    • (B) HO and CH,
    • ( C ) CH , and Na
    • (D) CO2 and NH3
Answer: (B) HO and CH,
37. On which ship did Darwin travel?
    • (A) H.N.S.Eagle
    • (B) H – M – S • Wiggle
    • (C) Titanic
    • ( D ) D Matrica
 Answer: (B) H – M – S • Wiggle
38. In which period life was absent?
    • (A) Archeozoic
    • (B) Poliozoic
    • (C) Proterozoic
    • (D) Ezoic
Answer: (C) Proterozoic
39. From which fossil is the first evidence of the burial of the dead and the evidence of religion?
    • (A) Neanderthal
    • (B) Cro-Magnon
    • (C) Hemo erectus
    • (D) Homohevilus
Answer: (A) Neanderthals
40. In which of the following groups only homologous organs are included?
    • (A) Whale’s paddle, Horse’s forelimbs, Man’s hand
    • (B) Wings of butterfly, crow and insect
    • (C) Forelimbs of a horse, Wings of an insect, Hand of man
    • (D) wormlike appendage, body hair and patella
Answer: (A) Whale’s paddle, Horse’s forelimbs, Man’s hand
41. Who wrote the book ‘Philosophic Zoologic’?
    • (A) Lamarck
    • (B) Mendel
    • (C) Darwin
    • ( D ) Hugo – deries
Answer: (A) Lamarck
42. Which one of the following phenomena supports Darwin’s concept of natural selection in biological evolution?
    • (A) Development of parasitic animals
    • (B) production of dolly sheep by cloning
    • (C) To develop insecticide resistance in insects
    • (D) Organ development from stem cells to organ transfer
Answer: (C) To develop insecticide resistance in insects
43. Heckel’s veogenetic law is
    • (A) Omnis Vaivam – A – Vaivam
    • (B) Amnis Cellula – A – Cellula
    • (C) Ontogeny reports phylogeny
    • (D) Phylogeny Repeats ontogeny
 Answer: (C) Ontogeny reports phylogeny
44. What evidences prove that humans are closer to chimpanzees than to langurs?
    • (A) DNA from sex chromosomes
    • (B) the morphology of the chromosome
    • (C) from fossil remains
    • (D) DNA from autosomes and heterosomes
Answer: (D) DNA of autosomes and heterosomes
45. Dinosaurs were present during?
    • (A) Paleozoic
    • (B) Precambrian
    • (C) Cenozoic
    • (D) Mesozoic
 Answer: (D) Mesozoic
46. The theory of chemical origin of life has been told by whom?
    • (A) Miller and Fox
    • (B) Oparin and Haldane
    • (C) Miller and Watson
    • (D) Watson and Melvin
Answer: (B) Oparin and Haldane

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