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12th Biology chapter 16: cover all important question with new latest pattern. you can download Biology chapter 16 notes & full solution as PDF format in English. below we are goin to cover chapter 16 Biology class 12 Bihar board
Bihar board Biology chapter 16 class 12: specially we focused on Bihar board latest pattern of Biology, and on this post covered class 12th Biology chapter 16 based on Bihar board. check out below to get full solutions of Biology chapter 16 class 12 Bihar board.

12th Biology chapter 16 Bihar board with NCERT-Details & Highlights

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12th Biology chapter 16 all objective solutions – download PDF

1. Which of the following is a Green House Gas?
    • (A) Methane
    • (B) Carbon dioxide
    • (C) Chlorofluorocarbons
    • (D) all of them
Answer: (D) All of them
2. Which of these hundred diseases are caused by allergens?
    • (A) skin cancer
    • (B) hay fever
    • (C) internal fever
    • (D) goosebumps
Answer: (B) Hay fever
3. The major source of methane in India is
    • (A) Sugarcane fields
    • (B) paddy fields
    • (C) Wheat fields
    • (D) Plantation
Answer: (B) Paddy field
4. Which of the following chemical substances affects the ozone layer?
    • (A) Chlorofluorocarbons
    • (B) Chlorine
    • (C) Hexafluorocarbon
    • (D) molecular carbon
Answer: (A) Chlorofluorocarbons
5. Which element acts as a catalyst in the decomposition of ozone?
    • (A) Chlorine
    • (B) fluorine
    • (C) Oxygen
    • (D) Potassium
 Answer: (A) Chlorine
 6. At what level is the ozone layer found?
    • (A) Stratosphere
    • (B) Lithosphere
    • (C) Troposphere
    • (D) Hemosphere
 Answer: (A) Stratosphere
7. Acid rain comes under which type of pollution?
    • (A) water pollution
    • (B) air pollution
    • (C) ‘ A ‘ and ‘ B ‘. Both
    • (D) none of these
 Answer: (B) Air pollution
8. What arrangement did the king of Jodhpur (Rajasthan) ask the minister to make for the construction of his palace?
    • (A) Wood
    • (B) Marble
    • (C) Coal
    •  (D) Brick
Answer: (A) Wood
9. So is an indicator of pollution
    •  (A) Algae
    • (B) Lichen
    • (C) Fungus
    • (D) all of them
 Answer: (B) Lichen
10. Which of the following led to the Chipko movement?
    • ( A ) 1974
    • ( B ) 1980
    • ( C ) 1984
    • ( D ) 2004
 Answer : ( A ) 1974
11. The cause of increased skin cancer and high mutation rate is
    • (A) Acid rain
    • (B) ozone depletion
    • (C) CO2 pollution
    • (D) CO pollution
 Answer: (B) ozone depletion

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12. Blue wavy syndrome occurs
    • (A) Excess of TDS
    • (B) Excess of DO
    • (C) excess of chloride
    • (D) methemoglobin
 Answer: (D) Methemoglobin
13. Chipko Movement was established to protect the
    • (A) Grassland
    • (B) Jungle
    • (C) mountain
    • (D) River
Answer: (B) Jungle
14. Activate in the purification of sewage
    • (A) animal plankton
    • (B) fish
    • (C) Bacteria
    • (D) all of them
Answer: (C) Bacteria
15. The permissible level of noise at night in a residential area is
    • ( A ) 35 dB
    • ( B ) 40 dB
    • ( C ) 45dB
    • ( D ) 50dB
Answer: (C) 45dB
16. Pisces disease is born
    • (A) accumulation of arsenic in drinking water
    • (B) accumulation of fluoride in drinking water
    • (C) Consumption of fish contaminated with mercury
    • (D) spreading of oil in water
Answer: (C) Consumption of fish contaminated with mercury
17. The concentration of fluoride in the atmosphere increases due to
    • (A) Chlorosis
    • (B) Necosis
    • (C) Fluorosis
    • (D) all of the above
Answer: (D) All of the above
18. What type of pollutant is peroxy acetyl nitrate?
    • (A) primary pollutant
    • (B) Second pollutant
    • (C) water pollutant
    • (D) noise pollutant
 Answer: (B) Second pollutant
19. In which year the Environment (Protection) Act came into effect?
    • ( A ) 1986
    • ( B ) 1989
    • ( C ) 1992
    • ( D ) 1993
 Answer : ( C ) 1992
20. By which of these actions the concentration of DDT increases in the next trophic level?
    • (A) Water – bursting
    • (B) Bio-magnification
    • (C) eutrophication
    • (D) ozone pollution
 Ans: (B) Bio-magnification
21. Bhopal gas tragedy caused by the leakage of which gas?
    • (A) PAN
    • (B) smog
    • (C) Methyl isocyanate
    • ( D ) so
 Answer: (C) Methyl isocyanate
22. Most effective for eutrophication in water bodies
    • (A) Inorganic phosphate
    • (B) organic matter
    • (C) blood
    • (D) bacteria
Answer: (A) Inorganic phosphate
23. Due to the effect of radiations over a long period of time and repeatedly
    • (A) skin cancer
    • (B) lung cancer
    • (C) Blood – Cancer
    • (D) Fluorosis
Answer: (A) Skin cancer
24. Which of the following is a natural air pollutant?
    • (A) gases emanating from the volcano
    • (B) pollen grains
    • (C) dust particles
    • (D) all of them
Answer: (D) All of them

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